Apply for a Norwegian Residence Permit for Foreigners in 3 Steps

Foreign citizens who want to work or go on vacation in Norway and need to rent a residence for more than 90 days will need a residence permit. You can apply for a Norwegian residence permit if you’ve been in Norway for more than three years or if you’ve received a job offer. Learn how to apply for and obtain a residence permit in Norway on this page.

Applications for Norwegian residence permits are typically processed by Norway’s Directorate of Immigration (UDI). Before you may apply, there are a few requirements that must be satisfied.

How to Apply for a Norwegian Residence Permit

To apply for and obtain a Norwegian resident permit, there are three essential procedures to follow:

  1. Find a Job
  2. Apply for a Resident permit
  3. Move to Norway

Find a Job in Norway

Finding employment in Norway is the simplest approach to move there and stay. There are numerous job portals online that list every position that is open in Norway. On, you can look for jobs and receive tips on job adverts. Employers will always contact you via email with questions about job postings on our website.

To be able to land a job in Norway, you also need a strong CV. A strong CV must be written. The primary objective of a CV is to present information to potential employers that is pertinent to the position you are looking for.

Apply for a Norwegian Residence Permit

Check the Requirement

What is Required of you Before Applying for Norwegian Residence Permits?

Before requesting a Norwegian residence permit, find out what form of residency authorization you need. Depending on the purpose of your trip to Norway, you might want to move to Norway for work, to attend school, to visit relatives, to go on vacation, or to stay on as an au pair. Visit the UDI website for further details on the various resident permit categories.

A valid visa is required in order to apply for a resident permit in Norway. A Norwegian residence permit cannot be applied for until your visa has been valid for at least six months.

Get the Required Documents

The papers that you will be submitting to the embassy must all be gathered in one place. The necessary checklists that outline all the papers you must submit to the embassy are available on the UDI website. Since you are applying from outside Norway, your contact person in Norway must provide some of the paperwork, and you must provide the remaining information on arrival.

Note that it is a requirement for all candidates seeking residence permits in Ethiopia to submit their applications through VFS Global. The application will then be forwarded by VFS Global to the Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, for additional review.

Register and Pay for a Residence Permit in Norway

You must create a user account and register your application online before you can submit your passport and other supporting documents at the embassy . If you previously created a user account, take note of that. You can just register your application on the Application Portal without creating a new one.

You will receive a confirmation email with a cover letter attached after registering your application. Your application form and fee payment will be attested to in the cover letter. This letter must be printed and sent with the other necessary documents.

submission of paperwork for a residence permit in Norway

You must bring all the paperwork on the checklist with you when you visit the embassy for documentation. You can access the checklist to confirm the documents you must bring by clicking the link in the email that was issued to you during the application registration process.

However, if the embassy requires more details, they will get in touch with you. The processing of your application will subsequently be transferred to UDI.

The Embassy will handle the duty of accepting applications and the necessary supporting documentation for residence permits, as well as the biometrics. After that, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) starts processing.

passport collection

You or the contact person you have designated will be contacted after your application has been completed and when the decision may be retrieved when you have properly submitted your papers. Depending on courier services in your nation, you can pick up your passport where you submitted the application usually within 1-2 weeks after UDI made the decision.

Move to Norway

You can enter Norway if you obtain a residence permit. To obtain a residency card once you’ve arrived in Norway, you must schedule a meeting with the police.

Other steps you need to take after arriving are listed below.

Get a Tax Card

A tax card is required to work in Norway. Your tax card will be used by your employer to deduct taxes from your paycheck. Even before registering with the police, you can obtain a tax card. You can find your Norwegian personal identity number on the tax card as well. Consult the Tax Administration’s advice for foreigners seeking employment in Norway. Here, you may quickly learn what steps to do after landing a job.

Register Your Move and Address

It’s crucial that you give the Norwegian authorities your mailing address. Additionally, you need to register your move if you plan to stay in Norway for an amount of time longer than six months straight.

Find Accommodation

Finding housing should be your first priority after arriving. There are several suggestions for seeking housing on the website

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