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Norwegian Residence Permit Image
Apply for a Norwegian Residence Permit for Foreigners in 3 Steps

Foreign citizens who want to work or go on vacation in Norway and need to rent a residence for more …

Open an Australian Bank Account from Overseas Image
How to Open an Australian Bank Account from Overseas In 5 Steps

Opening a bank account in Australia from abroad is much easier than you would think. Online applicat…

Canadian Visa Application Image
Canadian Visa Application Requirements And Processing Time: 2 Best Ways Registration

There are procedures to follow and requirements to meet if you intend to travel to Canada for study,…

Scams And Fraud Schemes Image
3 Common Scams And Fraud Schemes: How To Protect Yourself

We now live in a digital and technologically influenced world. With our smartphones, we can travel t…

Best Scholarship Websites Image
5 Best Scholarship Websites For Foreign Students To Fund Their Education

Searching for education funding or scholarships online can be daunting. Most of the time, we spend o…

Curriculum Vitae Format Image
New Curriculum Vitae Format – How to write cv for Freshers

In order to land an interview, every job seeker needs to understand the basic curriculum vitae forma…

European Border control Image
New European Border control – Post-COVID travel regulations to Europe

EU governments decided that some travel restrictions are necessary to halt the spread of the coronav…

LinkedIn Career Profile Image
LinkedIn Career Profile: 8 Quick Tips for Professional Networking on LinkedIn

The most effective tool for professional networking is a LinkedIn career profile network. Approximat…

A Visitor Visa Canada
How To Apply For A Visitor Visa To Canada And The Requirements

Most visitors to Canada or those transiting through a Canadian airport on their way to their final d…

Diversity Immigrant Visa Image
2022 Diversity Immigrant Visa – Obtain U.S. Citizenship Through Sponsorship

Are you considering moving to the United States? Do you wish to become a citizen of the United State…

Jobs In The UK Image
Jobs In The UK For Foreigners In 2022: Skilled And Unskilled Labours

You’ve always desired to live and work in the United Kingdom. Here’s your chance. There are numerous…

Chevening Scholarships Image
Chevening Scholarships For International Students: Study For A Master’s Degree In The UK 2022/2023

All international students wishing to pursue a master’s degree at a UK university should rejoice. Ch…

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