Searching for education funding or scholarships online can be daunting. Most of the time, we spend our entire day clicking from one website to another in search of the most appealing scholarship based on our career interests. This can easily be accomplished by using a scholarship website. We’ve compiled a handy list of the best scholarship websites for you to help you avoid the stress of jumping from one website to another in your search for education funding.

The Best Scholarship Websites for Education Funding

Getting the best scholarship websites can be difficult, despite the fact that there are many websites that can assist students in finding funds for their college or university education. Since it can be challenging to distinguish trustworthy websites from shady ones, this post is intended to assist you in finding the top and most best scholarship websites online, where you can quickly access databases of scholarships tailored to your professional objectives.

So, if you’re ready, check out our list of the best scholarship websites and search engines.


One of the most distinctive and best scholarship websites that has distinguished itself from the competition is Unigo. With more than 3.8 million users, it is a flourishing community and a top network for helping current and future college students reach their professional goals.

Innovative tools from Unigo enable students to make the best choices for their college experience. Over 3.6 million scholarship databases are available on this website, totaling over $14 billion in awards. In order to provide the finest scholarship options, Unigo delivers personalised results.

What all a student needs to do is set up a Unigo account, complete their scholarship profile, and then submit their scholarship applications. Simply input your information by clicking the Sign-Up button.


Fastweb is another top-notch among the other best scholarship websites, with one of the largest databases of prizes. The website, which was introduced roughly 15 years ago, claimed to have given students nationwide access to more than 1.5 million scholarships totaling $3.4 billion in grants.

Fastweb offers free and simple registration. Simply complete and upload your profile, and the website will use your professional interests and skill set to connect you with appropriate scholarships. Based on your criteria, such as the amount, deadline, and categories of scholarships, you can choose your scholarship. The Fastweb website is well-organized and a great source for finding any kind of educational funding you need.

College Board

The College Board is an organisation with a clear mission that connects students to opportunities and success in higher education. One of the first organisations that offers scholarships for study was The College Board, which was established in 1900. The group was established to encourage students to pursue higher education at all levels of study.

The College Board membership association currently includes over 6,000 of the top educational institutions in the globe and is committed to advancing excellence and equity in education.

Through its various programmes and services, such as the SAT and the Advanced Placement Program, the College Board assists nearly seven million students annually in getting ready for a smooth transition to college.

It is necessary to create a free account with the College Board in order to access further information and scholarship guidelines. Simply input your information by clicking the Sign Up button.


In order to help students continue their college education after high school, Peterson’s is one of the most prestigious and best scholarship websites in the world. Peterson’s is a team of enthusiastic educators who assist you in finding and preparing for scholarship opportunities so you can pay for your education.

If you’re looking for details on how to continue your college or university studies after high school, keep reading. The essential information you’ll need to decide how to prepare for standardised tests and licence examinations like the SAT, GRE, or NCLEX is provided by Peterson’s.

The following 3 Peterson’s features make it simple for students to find information that applies to them:

  • Meet Your Match: Use Meet Your Match when you are unsure of where to begin, and Peterson’s will match you with programs that you will find interesting.
  • Sort and Filter: Using these search filters, you can reduce the number of possibilities you have based on factors like geography, available majors, tuition, and more!
  • Save and Connect: Once you’ve located colleges that are a good fit for you, save them to your dashboard and get in touch with them to learn more or apply.

To get started, you must create a free account with Peterson’s. Simply click the “Join” button and fill out the form.


Cappex is another one of the best scholarship websites online, Cappex’s goal is to get every student one step closer to the college that will be the best fit for them from the start. Cappex provides access to the most recent and comprehensive profiles of each college in the world. With cutting-edge matching algorithms, they manage a multibillion-dollar scholarship database and assist in locating the right students.

If you believe that the college application procedure is too difficult and uncertain, which university is best for you? or taking into account your prospects of admission? Put your thoughts aside since Cappex believes that getting you to your college’s first day should be simpler and requires cutting right through the complexities of college admissions.

  • How Do I Stand a Chance? determines how likely you are to be accepted to any college.
  • Finding colleges that fit your choices is made simple with the help of the fit score.
  • Introduce you to majors that will help you get there as well as occupations that fit your personality.

You will need to create a free Cappex account. Simply follow the steps after clicking the Sign Up button.

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