This page teaches you how to download Skype for Windows computers. The Skype for Windows is supported on both Windows 10 and Windows 8 computers. You can still download the older version of the Skype app directly from Skype’s website if you prefer the classic appearance.

Why Skype for Windows

Free Voice and Video Calling App

Skype is a free video and voice calling app as well as chat instant messaging. This means you can text and call friends and families with the Skype app. It’s user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. Skype runs on a strong internet server that helps maintain a stable connection. With your Wi-Fi or mobile network, you use the Skype app for Windows for free.

Keeps In Touch Always

Skype remains the very first piece of software that permits users to make both video and voice calls in addition to phone calls. It’s the same coding formula that modern chat and instant messaging apps have been improving on.

Skype is more convenient and appealing to use because of its compact design. Anyone with a little computer knowledge can easily familiarize themselves with Skype.

Good and Simple Interface

Skype app for Windows has a great layout that is easy to navigate. The left-hand side of the app shows you all of your recent conversations and active friends.

The app allows users to witch from both Light and Dark Mode. The color palette is easy on the eyes and draws a clear separation between sections. You also have the option to change the Theme color. This changes the very accent color applied to buttons and selected items.

With the options menu, you can adjust emoji sizes in messages, test your mic, speakers, and camera, and adjust settings for making and receiving calls.

Skype Device Requirements

To use the Skype app effectively, you’ll need to have the following devices handy:

  1. A computer with broadband internet for faster connection with Skype.
  2. Speakers and a microphone. Though many computers have these built-in (like laptops), but can still have them handy for voice audiobility. You can also use a headphones-and-microphone headset for the same purpose.
  3. Webcam. A webcam is a small camera that connects to your computer through a USB port if it isn’t already built into your screen already. Though many laptop system have webcams built in. A webcam enables video calls which are the key function of Skype, and you can’t make video without a webcam.

How to Download Skype for Windows

Skype is the largest Voice over Internet Protocol service in the world. It provides the fastest and easiest way to connect with families and friends for free over the internet via text, chat, voice, and video calling.

Downloading the Skype app for Windows on your computer is the first step to get started and it’s not complicated. However, you can download Skype for mobile phone if you wish to use your phone for Skype. Now, to make the process faster, we’re here to take you through a simple step by steps guide.

  1. Visit Skype.com to download and install the Skype app for Windows. Make sure you are connected to a strong network source
  2. Click on Get Skype for Windows to download the app to your computer.
  3. Save File (SkypeSetup.exe.) to complete the download. Note, don’t open or run the program during the download process.
  4. The next is to install the saved file.
  5. Go to your computer and locate the saved file, double click on the saved file.
  6. When the file is open, click on Run to start the installation process.
  7. Then click on Finish to complete the installation process.

A page will appear where you can sign up with your information to create an account.

Sign Up for Skype Account

  • The First step is to launch your browser and log in to the Microsoft Skype page. However, you can skip the registration if you’ve already signed up for a Microsoft Account (Messenger, Hotmail, or outlook.com).
  • Enter your email address or use your phone number instead and then click “Next”. Note that you will need your email address to gain access to your Skype account.
  • Create the password you would like to use for Skype sign-up. Ensure that your password has a minimum of 8 characters, and should contain a number or Skype. After you have chosen a password, click “Next”.
  • Enter your first and last name. Note, it’s necessary you provide valid info that you’ll find easy to remember and associate with your Skype account.
  • Immediately you provide your data and click the Next, A code will be sent to the email you provided, open your mailbox and type the code that was sent to your email box to verify the email.
  • Confirm the anti-spam check by typing the text character. This will validate that you are not a robot. The next step is to cross-check your security information if it’s accurate. If the security info is not accurate, click on the “Update now” button to effect changes and resubmit. But if your security info is accurate, use the “Looks good” to proceed.
  • Once your data info and the registration form is correctly filled out, Your account will be created immediately. Skype will display a welcome page indicating that your Skype Sign Up is successful.

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