Western Union (WU) provides a platform to help you boost your income stream through its Agent Network. Become a Western Union agent and help your customers send and receive money anywhere in the world. WU’s agent network can help boost your business’s footfall and attract new customers.

Western Union helps people and businesses move money faster. Then, using its global agent money transfer network, boost communities’ economies. For you to be able to send and receive money with Western Union, you’d need to register account with the company.

However, Western Union is a United States-based financial service. But, with its Agents Network Program, anyone can become a Western Union agent by sending an interest application through WU corporate headquarters. Hence, this article on how to become a Western Union agent can help create a lucrative business opportunity. Also understand the agent requirements, commission structure, and application process.

Meet Western Union Agent Requirements

Own A Business

A prospective Western Union agent must own an independent retail business. This will, then, make you eligible for the Western Union agent network.

Acquire Required Office Equipment

An agent must have the necessary office equipment and internet service in order to carry out financial transactions successfully. The equipment required for Western Union transactions includes: Computer, Internet connection, Printer, and Mobile phone

Make Application for Western Union Agent

The Western Union application demands confirmation of the following from the prospective agent:

  1. Own a Business.
  2. Working computer.
  3. Internet connection.
  4. Agent name and Contact information
  5. Number of business locations
  6. How you heard about Western Union agent

Once you have met all of the requirements and have been approved, Then, complete and submit the online application to be reviewed by Western Union.

Process of Becoming A Western Union Agents

The process of joining the agent network involves some important steps, as we explain below. This includes:

  • Undergoing training,
  • Studying important documents and transaction software packages, and
  • Finally, obtaining an agent license.

Receive Western Union Agents Starter Pack and Software packages

Once WU approves your application to become an agent, they give you a free starter pack and software programs. All training and promotional materials are included in the starter pack. while you install the software programs on your computer.

Attend Agent Training on Anti-money Laundering

Western Union will organize a training workshop on money transfer services and anti-money laundering. The training is intended to educate you and protect your business against money laundering offenses. This is to help you understand and comply with all financial regulations.

Obtain Western Union Agents Network License

Wester Union will provide you with the necessary license for the agent network service. The license will allow you to perform all money transfer services for customers on its behalf. WU facilitates all licensing processes based on the agent’s location or region. You’ll be in contact with a Western Union representative, who will inform you of the particular license you’ll need and help you receive those credentials in a timely manner

Enroll with the Western Unions Agent Portal

The WU agent Portal is an online resource for agents around the world. Agent enrollment is free. The enrollment enables you to order supplies, access training information, report your money transfers, and access customer service assistance. So, to enroll for agent portal website, visit the WU AgentPortal website to enroll.

Understand the benefits.

You are eligible for many benefits as a Western Union agent. Every money transfer you complete earns you monetary compensation as well as regular commissions. Western Union charges customers a transfer fee on every money transfer they make with Western Union. Western Union, then, receives the transfer fees as its profit.

Then, Western Union pays you a commission on every transfer fee that is processed from each transaction your business sends or receives. The more money you earn for Western Union at your business end, the higher your commission.

As a result, as a WU agent, you will increase your business footfall by attracting new customers. Since customers who need to transfer/receive money may end up buying goods or services from your business,

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